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goodship_awards's Journal

Ron and Hermione Icon Awards
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Welcome to goodship_awards, the place where every Ron/Hermione shipper wants their icons. Here, you nominate icons you've seen around Livejournal, aswell as your own. This is alot like hp_awards...but for Ron/Hermione shippers.
To nominate an icon, you must put them in a catagory that they must fit under.

Amortenia - Best Overall Icon
None-Magical Folk - Best Actor/Actress Icon
Bookworm - Best Hermione Icon
Redhead - Best Ron Icon
"Merlin's Pants!" - Best Humour Icon
Oppugno! - Best Emotional Icon
Chamber Of Secrets - Best Black & White Icon
"Bloody Hell!" - Best Quote Icon
Wizard Chess - Best Cropped Icon
S.P.E.W - Best Animated Icon

Please follow, understand and agree to the rules before doing anything!
. All Icons must be 100x100
. Icons must be Ron/Hermione related (Seeing as it's a R/Hr award community)
. You may only nominate one set of icons per 'round'
. You may enter yours, but don't use all catagories for just yours
. Please put the person who made nomination next to the icon
. Nominations should be in a new entry everytime.
. It would be good if they person you were nominating knew you were posting their icon, so let them know that they're icons really good and it's up for nomination here in a comment when you take it
. When voting, do not vote for yourself if you see your icon. We will know...
. Do Not Hotlink
. Animations are allowed to be nominated but they must fit LJ requirements of 40k
. If you have any problems, let me know by message and I will be more than happy to help you
. If you wish to affiliate with us, grab a button and message me on Livejournal.
. You may also donate a button in a message to me.


Idea for this community was taken from hp_awards; thank you!
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide